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The Lymphatic System and Your Weight/Health

The Lymphatic System which we discussed on the video has a profound effect on weight/health. It is important that you understand the significance of this PH Scale which we discussed in our video and blog. The body's Lymphatic PH can adversely impact weight and health of the body. The Lymphatic System PH when out of balance is causing health epidemic levels today such as the 150 Million people with weight issues. .

Let's do a quick review that the Lymphatic System basically cleans waste from the blood. There are two basic fluids in the body: Blood which accounts for about 20% and Lymph is about 80%.

  • Blood is bascially the eater

  • The Lymph is the septic cleaner.

The diet (Standard Diet) that most of us eat today is highly acidic and the human body is not designed to eat such a highly acidic diet. How do we know this is true you ask? We can simply look at the Epidemic health numbers 150 million with weight issues, 120 million with blood pressure, 70 Million intestine issues, 50 million diabetics, 16 million with cancer and millions more with a host of other issues. There is a direct link of how people are eating to the weight and health issues that we are seeing at epidemic levels. We can also look where the body should be from a PH scale which is around 7.2 - 7.45 PH.

Our Lymph system cannot get rid of the amount of acids that are being put into our bodies through diet, drinking, smoking, stress, toxins, etc. Our bodies are basically being burned from acids inside from head to toe. The acidic Lymph juice which is every where inside your body are burning every organ (Kidneys, Thyroid, Etc) Brain, spine, muscles and other tissues inside your body. The acids attack each of us where we are weak in common areas such as (Weight, Blood Pressure) and some not so common areas such as (Stuttering, Bi-Polar, Cancer, etc).

You need to clean out your Lymph system which takes a very specific diet and herbals to assist given that most people are unable to eliminate the acids out of the body. How do we know that's true? Look at the epidemic numbers above for weight and health.

Take charge of your weight/health and get your Bodys' PH rebalanced with our help we will teach you to use very specific diets protocols and herbals.

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