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Heal All Tea: A Must for Anyone Serious about Improving Your Health...

Heal All Tea. What does it do?

Our Heal-All tea will significantly boost the cleaning process in what we call the Core 4 (Kidneys, Intestines, Endocrine and Lymph).

This is a minimal herbal (Heal All Tea) that everyone should take to assist your body in repairing the damage that has been caused by acids inside your body. These acids inside your Lymphatic system are basically burning you up from the inside and they are attacking/destroying your organs and tissues from inside your body. This is why people at some point begin to experience weight and health issues even at early ages because the cells have memories and the weakness if not rebuilt at a cellular level will get attacked by acids inside your body.

Our diet protocols are the core of what will help your body to become re-balanced due to the extreme consumption of standard diets that most eat unknowingly. There is a way to significantly boost the cleaning process of your body and Lymphatic system using our Heal All Tea which are core herbals that we use for our clients. We always put our clients on heal all tea along with our diet protocols which gives us the best results.

What does the Heal All Tea Do Inside our Bodies?

The heal all tea combined with our diet protocols will enhance the regeneration/detox process in what we call the core 4 areas. There are a core set of areas that we focus on that will begin to improve your health and we call them the core 4.

Let's review the Core 4 areas:

Kidneys: Most people’s kidneys are not filtering properly. The main way for the body to get rid of cellular waste is through the kidneys and most people’s kidneys are not working. How do we know this is true? 150 million people with weight issues and 120 million with blood pressure issues, etc.. If we look just at those 2 numbers and a combined fashion, we are looking at around 70%-90% of the population in the USA alone that have kidney issues of some sort. That is an epidemic and staggering number and it shows you the impact of how bad the standard diets are on our health.

Our unique Heal All Tea is designed to clean the Kidneys and enhance the detox/cleaning process

Endocrine System: The endocrine system is the government/regulatory inside your body (Adrenals, Thyroid, Penial, etc.) and they tell your body how to operate. Once the lymphatic system becomes acidic your endocrine is under attack by acids and depending on where you are weak genetically your glands are under attack by acids which begin to get destroyed and the acids break down those glands. This is why people have issues such as weight to stones to blood pressure to ETC. The endocrine system is under attack by acids and cannot do its job.

Our unique Heal All Tea is designed to clean the Endocrine and enhance the detox/cleaning process

Lymphatic System: The Lymphatic system is where your cellular waste gets dumped. The blood cells eat, use the bathroom and the cellular waste gets dumped into the Lymphatic system. The lymph if not being filtered by the kidneys properly will back up just like a sceptic tank on your house. When this backup occurs which is the case in most people eating a standard diet which is highly acidic then the health / weight issues begin. The Lymphatic system is under attack by backed up acids and those acids are through-out your entire body destroying/burning you up from the inside.

Our unique Heal All Tea is designed to break up and move the Lymph and enhance the detox/cleaning process

Intestinal System: The Intestinal system is where your food gets broken down, absorbed and it's where a vast percentage of your immune system resides. The intestinal track is used to break down foods we eat and provide us most of our immune protection. The standard diet we eat today has a huge impact on intestinal issues. We are seeing around 70 million people in the USA alone with intestine issues. This is very alarming and its diet related. The acids are causing plague to be formed on the intestinal walls blocking absorption and impacting the immune system.

Our unique Heal All Tea is designed to clean the Intestines and enhance the detox/cleaning process

Where can I order the Heal All Tea?

We have a very unique blend that has been around for 40 years that we have perfected and the cost is very low for a monthly supply.

Please visit the order link below:

The brief blog was intended to help you understand why herbals such as the Heal All Tea can enhance the cleaning/detox of your body and speed up the regeneration of your cells improving your health and weight issues.

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