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High Cholesterol. Let's Understand and Conquer IT !

What is High Cholesterol According to Mainstream Beliefs?

Hyperlipidemia is a medical term that means your blood has too many lipids (fats) in it, i.e., cholesterol and triglycerides. In hypercholesterolemia, there’s too much LDL (bad) cholesterol in your blood. This increases fatty deposits in arteries and the risk of blockages.

The main way the mainstream medical addresses this situation is with meds which we believe can cause even more damage leading to other even more serious health issues.

How is Cholesterol Used Inside Our Body?

As a vital part of the body's chemistry, cholesterol is used to produce the steroid hormones required for normal development and functioning. These include the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men. These hormones trigger development of the physical traits characteristic of adult women and men; they also play a role in reproduction as well as in digestion.

Other steroid hormones produced from cholesterol include cortisol, which is involved in regulating blood-sugar levels and defending the body against infection, and aldosterone, which is important for retaining salt and water in the body. The body can even use cholesterol to make a significant amount of vitamin D, the vitamin responsible for strong bones and teeth, when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Cholesterol is not bad but why is the body overproducing it then ? Let's continue the learning...

What is High Cholesterol According to Our beliefs?

How is Cholesterol Created Inside Your Body?

Cholesterol is produced in your liver from the "food bricks" called nutritional principles. All lipids, proteins and glucides are transformed here - after a very complex chemical (actually biochemically) reactions.

Are There Foods That Contain Cholesterol?

Yes, The Foods you eat can add to the Cholesterol inside your body.

How is Cholesterol Used in Our Bodies?

The liver creates Cholesterol for a number of body functions:


  • Steroid hormones

  • Estrogen and Progesterone in women

  • Testosterone in men

  • Cortisol used in regulating blood sugars

  • Aldosterone used in regulating salt and water

  • And much more...

How Cholesterol works when everything is NOT working:

We have included a diagram (below) of how Cholesterol gets into the blood stream. The real question is why do a lot of people have high Cholesterol? Our body is a complex chemistry set that is constantly trying balance acids and alkalines inside our body. The blood PH needs to remain around 7.2 to 7.45 PH(base/alkaline) and when our body due to diet(eating) and our Lymphatic system(diet waste) becomes too acidic one of the buffering systems we have is Cholesterol. Cholesterol (fats) buffer acids and are used in this area to Protect the body from acids which burn !

There are a couple things going on when Cholesterol is up:

1) The liver will go into overtime production of Cholesterol to buffer(neutralize) acids. This is an easy one to address. A diet change is required and we offer very specific diet protocols which will rapidly cause the cholesterol to return to normal.

2) The liver could be damaged from an acidic lymphatic system which has been burning this gland and causing the liver to malfunction. This requires a diet change and herbals to clean/detox the lymphatic system, liver and other organs so they can return to normal. Our diets protocols and herbals are designed to help your body regain health.

Here is a high-level process of High Cholesterol:

  • Liver is over producing Cholesterol

  • Due to diet to buffer/reduce acids and/or

  • The liver has been damaged by an Acidic Lymphatic System that is burning the Liver causing it to malfunction

What is the net-net with High Cholesterol?

The Liver is over producing Cholesterol and it needs a diet change and detox.

  1. Change the Diet.

  2. The Liver has been damaged by acids from the Lymphatic system and this will require diet and herbals to clean up the acids from the Lymphatic system which will allow the liver to return to normal.

What are Some Temporary Reliefs?

Meds: We DO NOT recommend as fats are buffers for acids. When you take these types of meds they reduce the Cholesterol buffer which allows the acids to burn and destroy.

What is the Better Way to Address High Cholesterol?

There are a couple things we need to learn and/or refresh our knowledge to understand the root cause that creates health issues like High Cholesterol inside our bodies:

Lymphatic System:

The Lymphatic System is a sceptic (waste system) inside our bodies designed to filter out cellular waste. This Lymphatic fluid is an interstitial fluid which means it cleans (bio break) around each cell. Each cell needs to use the bathroom and that cellular waste is cleaned by the interstitial lymphatic systems/fluids. The lymph fluids flow through-out your entire body (head to toe) and in between each cell and this is very important fact to remember. The Lymph fluid is everywhere inside your body acting as waste collection system for Each Cell's waste. It flows everywhere and in the case of our stomach and endocrine the cells is causing damage to those systems.

PH (Acid to Alkaline Scale 0 – 14):

It is important that you understand the significance of the PH Scale and how it will impact our health. The PH scale is an acid to alkaline scale from 0 to 14. 0 to below 7 is Acidic, 7 is Neutral and Above 7 to 14 is Alkaline.

Let’s understand chemistry 101:

There are only 2 sides to chemistry which apply to everything in this world. Acids and Alkaline (Base).

Acids burn and destroy our health and cause weight and many other health issues.

Alkaline (Base) repairs and neutralizes the acid side of chemistry. Our body is designed to be slightly alkaline which is the key to health and weight loss for life.

What do acids do in chemistry?

They burn! Once our Lymphatic system becomes acidic due remember the PH scale then the health issues begin. The acidic Lymph fluids burn and cause our tissues, nerves, organs, glands and etc. not to function as designed !

Lymphatic System When PH is highly acidic:

The diet (Standard Diet) that most of us eat today is highly acidic and the human body is not designed to eat such a highly acidic diet. How do we know this is true you ask? We can simply look at the Epidemic health numbers 150 million with weight issues, 120 million with blood pressure, 70 Million intestine issues, 50 million diabetics, 60 Million with High Cholesterol, 16 million with cancer, 5 Million with Fibromyalgia and millions more with a host of other issues such as Cellulite. There is a direct link of how people are eating to the weight and health issues that we are seeing at epidemic levels. We can also look where the body should be from a PH scale which should be around 7.2 - 7.45 PH and the diet most eat will never allow the lymphatic system to get to an alkaline state.

Our Lymph system cannot get rid of the amount of acids that are being put into our bodies through diet, drinking, smoking, stress, toxins, etc. Our bodies are basically being burned from acids inside from head to toe. The acidic Lymph juice which is everywhere inside your body are burning every organ (Stomach, Intestines, Kidneys, Endocrine System, Muscles, Nerves, Etc.) Brain, spine, muscles and other tissues inside your body. The acids attack each of us where we are weak in common areas such as (Weight, Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, etc) and some not so common areas such as (Fibromyalgia, Stuttering, Bi-Polar, Cancer, etc.).

How To Rebalance Your Body’s Chemistry And Get Rid Of High Cholesterol?

If you want to rid yourself of High Cholesterol then you need to clean out your Lymph system which takes a very specific diet and herbals to assist given that most people are unable to eliminate the acids out of the body. You must remove the acids and we have the knowledge and herbals to reverse the damage that has occurred inside your body.

12 month Natural Plan to get Rid of High Cholesterol. First 6 months listed.

Click the online store where you can purchase everything listed and sorry for so many purchases just wanted to be complete with next steps :)

The remaining 6 months would be customized to your body as each of us has different weak areas. Everything you need is our website and our certified detox specialists are here to help.

Month 1:

  • Our Diet Protocols and use Plan 1 for 4 weeks

  • Our Heal All Tea - Tea form is 1 month or 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

Month 2:

  • Use Plan 2 for 4 weeks

  • Heal All Tea - Tea form is 1 month or 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

  • Kidneys and Bladder Tonic 1 - 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

  • Lymphatic System Tonic 1 - 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

Month 3:

  • Use Plan 3 for 4 weeks

  • Heal All Tea - Tea form is 1 month or 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

  • Gi Broom - 1 bottles of capsules is 2 month

Month 4:

  • Use Plan 4 for 4 weeks

  • Heal All Tea - Tea form is 1 month or 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

  • Continue of Gi Broom - 1 bottles of capsules is 2 month

Month 5:

  • Use Plan 4 for 4 More weeks

  • Heal All Tea - Tea form is 1 month or 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

  • Endocrine Balance- 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

Month 6:

  • Use Plan 1 for 4 weeks This will slow down detox.

  • Heal All Tea - Tea form is 1 month or 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

  • Kidneys and Bladder Tonic 1 - 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

  • Lymphatic System Tonic 1 - 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

  • Endocrine Balance- 2 bottles of capsules is 1 month

Month 7 to 12:

  • Contact us once at this point and we will customize diet and herbals to areas where your body needs more help

  • Highly Recommend you remain on Heal off Tea (Tea) or capsules for next 6 months.

  • Highly Recommend you remain on Diet Protocols can cycle plans 1 through 4

  • Additional Herbals will be discussed


We have helped over 300,000 + and growing get their health back on track.

If you do not address this rebalancing which is what our life-style diet protocols address you will be forever in game of cat and mouse chasing and trying to regain health. You must rebalance your body’s chemistry first and we are here to help you take charge of your weight and health with our diet protocols and herbals.

The brief blog was intended to help you understand how chemistry has a profound impact on your health and weight. Our website is here to teach, educate and provide products that will clean/detox of your body and speed up the regeneration of your cells improving your health and weight issues.

Visit our site for more information, diet protocols and herbals:

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