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Time To Heal - Testimonial Pain and IBS !

Client Background:

Mrs. D. had gastric bypass surgery and after 3 years has gained back even more weight. She had severe pain in her knees has no energy and overall feels like something is very wrong inside her body. She has tried many other diets and treatments all which have failed

Mrs. D meet with one our Certified Detox Specialists at www.EatingYourselfSkinny and had a full consultation which allows us to do an Iridology assessment, discuss issues and create a custom diet and herbal protocol plan.

Protocols and Action Plan:

Our Detox Specialist meet with Mrs. D. and reviewed her Iridology pictures and created a custom plan to address her issues. We always recommend if you want the best results to engage one of our Certified Detox Specialists. We did a full review, created a diet and herbal protocol plan and she began to follow the plan..


  • Diet Plan - Our plans are designed to maximize results

  • Herbals - We tailor them to address top 3 issues and we do it in 3 month increments

  • Iridology Assessment - We use this to baseline issues and then use new pics to compare progress at 6 months.

  • Our Detox Specialist have see most issues and know how to tweak plans

Client Feedback:

Mrs. D. only after 5 days sent a text message and was amazed by the changes in her body:

5 day results:

  • She lost 10 pounds

  • Bloating was going away

  • Pain in her knees was gone. She was amazed

  • She is already seeing changes in her body

  • She had a smell during bathroom time and the smell is going away

  • Her Energy is coming back !

  • She thanked us and said she cannot believe things are changing so quickly.

Can you get these results?


If you want to regain health then you need to clean out your Lymph system which takes a very specific diet and herbals to assist given that most people are unable to eliminate the acids out of the body. You must remove the acids and we have the knowledge and herbals to reverse the damage that has occurred inside your body.

We have helped over 300,000 + and growing get their health back on track. Contact us or schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Detox Specialists to help create a custom tailored protocol plan for you...

If you do not address this rebalancing which is what our life-style diet protocols address you will be forever in game of cat and mouse chasing and trying to regain health. You must rebalance your body’s chemistry first and we are here to help you take charge of your weight and health with our diet protocols and herbals.

The brief blog was intended to help you understand how chemistry has a profound impact on your health and weight. Our website is here to teach, educate and provide products that will clean/detox of your body and speed up the regeneration of your cells improving your health and weight issues.

Visit our site for more information, diet protocols and herbals:

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