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The Dangers of Protein Diets Not Discussed

We need to learn a couple things about basics of bio chemistry and how it can adversely impact us when eating foods. Let's get started....

What are Proteins?

Proteins are long-chain molecules built from small units known as amino acids. They are joined together with peptide bonds. They are biochemical compounds consisting of one or more polypeptides folded into a round or fibrous shape. A polypeptide is a single linear polymer chain of amino acids. The sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide comes from the DNA sequence of a gene.

The net-net here is Proteins are complex Aminos and in this state where out body cannot easily use the protein without significant deconstruction during digestion process. In other words, our body cannot use a complex amino (protein) directly but with minimal processing we can easily use a simple amino or carb.

What are Aminos?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. In eukaryotes, there are 20 standard amino acids out of which almost all proteins are made. Nine of the 20 standard amino acids are "essential" amino acids for humans. They cannot be built (synthesised) from other compounds by the human body, and so must be taken in as food. Herbivores have to get their essential amino acids from their diet, which is almost entirely grass. (simple amino)

The net-net here is Amino's are simple and in this state our body can easily use them unlike protein (complex aminos') which requires significant deconstruction during digestion process. In other words, our body can use simple aminos easily from proper food sources.

Where Would You Look To Understand How to Eat?

We believe this is the perfect recipe from Nature/Supreme Being/God/Etc. and the composition of our Mother's milk is perfection. Our mothers milk has the perfect break downs for us as in the right percentages and balance between simple carbs and simple aminos. Lets take a look in terms of carbs and aminos and we'll contrast Human and Cow milk to obtain a better understanding.

Simple carbs and amino break down for Human Mothers Milk:

  • Simple Carbs: 7 to 7.8 %

  • Simple Amino's .70 to .90 % (not even 1%)

Simple carbs and amino break down Cow Milk:

  • Simple Carbs: 4 to 4.8 %

  • Simple Amino's 16%


  • Human Mother's milk has simple aminos (This means no proteins -meats)

  • Human Mothers milk is not even 1% simple aminos ( Why is every commercial on the media pushing high proteins(complex aminos) in high amounts?

  • We only need less than 1% simple aminos when we are in a steep growing cycle 6/8 pound baby to 50/60 pounds and we only need less than 1%?

  • Cow Milk has 15 times more simple Aminos for growing baby cows from 100 pounds to 800 pounds.

  • We are humans and not growing human cows. Why would any human drink or eat cow milk?

The net net here is using the perfect recipe of Mothers milk both carbs and aminos are simple. What our body wants for energy and to grow/repair are simple carbs and aminos. We do not need aminos to the levels we are being told by the media/food producers/nutritionalists and finally that cow's milk is not meant to be consumed by humans.

What Happens When You Eat a High Protein (Complex Amino) Diet ?

Our body will turn on ketosis which means you are turning fats into sugars. A better way to say it is your body has gone into starvation mode and it's using fats to sugar conversion to keep it going.

This is a very dangerous diet as your body thinks is starving and it starts converting fat to sugars. So, proteins (complex aminos) are converted to glucose (simple sugars) during digestion. By the way, the body can only use sugars (glucose) for energy...

If the body can only use glucose (simple carbs - sugars) for energy then the logical question to ask is why is anyone eating meat when we use simple sugars for energy.

The next logical question to ask if the body can only use simple sugars for energy why would you take away what it needs to function normally ????

Are High Protein Diets Dangerous?

We believe a proteins (complex aminos) are very dangerous diets and can lead to long term serious health issues and even early deaths.

Here are some links which state it's not a good diet and even though they don't fully get the extent of health issues where deaths have occurred. The main stream is starting to wake up a bit that proteins diets are not good for our health !





We Have A Better Answer Which is Healthy For You !

It is clear that complex aminos(proteins) is not the answer if you want to be healthy. If high proteins are used long term can lead to kidney damage, shut down and even death.

We have helped over 500,000 + and growing get their health back on track naturally!

If you do not address this rebalancing which is what our life-style diet protocols address you will be forever in game of cat and mouse chasing and trying to regain health. You must rebalance your body’s chemistry first and we are here to help you take charge of your weight and health with our diet protocols, herbals and information to help you improve your health.

The brief blog was intended to help you understand how chemistry has a profound impact on your health and weight. Our website is here to teach, educate and provide products that will clean/detox of your body and speed up the regeneration of your cells improving your health and weight issues.

Visit our site for more information, diet protocols and herbals:

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