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Weight & Health - Fast Track Program...

Our Fast Track Program:

This is an incredible offer designed to fast track you into our program which is designed to jump start your weight and health re-balancing. Our Fast Track program provides you everything needed to begin and we have been provided feedback by 1000's that they are seeing results only after 5 - 10 days.

We provide you a Skype Consultation, Iridology Reading, Personalized Protocol Plan, 1 month supply of Heal All Tea and Written Diet Protocols for the next 3 months. This is everything you need to kick start the re-balancing of your bodies chemistry.

  • We'll review Iridology (eye photo's) and discuss issues

  • We will discuss issues and recommend a protocol plan and herbals

  • We'll provide a written plan protocol plan - Diet and Herbals

  • Diet Protocols Plans ( 1 - 4)

  • Heal All Tea - 1 Month Supply (approx.)

How does Fast Track Work?:

Our Detox Specialist meet with You. and review your Iridology pictures and create a custom plan to address your issues. We always recommend if you want the best results to engage one of our Certified Detox Specialists. We do a full review, create a diet and herbal protocol plan, start you on heal all tea and then you begin to follow the plan..

The Fast Track PLAN:

  • Diet Plan - Our plans are designed to maximize results

  • Herbals - We provide a tailored plan to address top 3 issues and we do it in 3 month increments.

  • Heal All Tea. We start you on Heal All Tea and ship you a month supply

  • Iridology Assessment - We use this to baseline issues and then use new pics to compare progress at 6 months.

  • Our Detox Specialist have see most issues and know how to tweak plans for your issues.

Client Feedback and Quick Results:

What are out clients saying:

* Fast Track Results (examples):

  • I lost 10 pounds in 5 days. Wow.

  • Bloating was going away in 10 days

  • Pain in her knees was gone. She was amazed

  • I can see already see changes in my body in only 7 days

  • I lost 90 pounds in 2 months and I feel strong and full of energy - Thank you !

  • I have lots of skin tags and they are falling off in only 10 days

  • My joints do no ache and it's only been 11 days

  • Acid reflux has not acted up - 14 days

  • My blood pressure has normalized - 30 days

  • My stomach/intestinal swelling has gone away. -35 days - I am very thankful I found your site.

* results vary for each person

Can you get these results?


We have helped over 300,000 + and growing get their health back on track. Contact us or schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Detox Specialists to help create a custom tailored protocol plan for you...

Our website is here to teach, educate and provide products that will clean/detox of your body and speed up the regeneration of your cells improving your health and weight issues.

Visit our site for more information, diet protocols and herbals:

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