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Why Can't You Keep The Weight Off ?

I decided to search some of those medical sites to get their view on what is causing weight issues and the list below helps sum up some of the issues they are reporting as main factors.

Let's review what the medical sites are saying about main issues for weight gain:

  • Cushing's syndrome . This happens when the adrenal glands (located on top of each kidney) produce too much cortisol, which leads to a buildup of fat in the face, upper back, and abdomen.

  • Hypothyroidism . If your thyroid is underactive, your body may not produce enough thyroid hormone to help burn stored fat. As a result, your metabolism is slower and you will store more fat than you burn -- especially if you're not physically active.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This disease, the result of a hormonal imbalance, afflicts more than 5 million women in the US. Common symptoms are irregular menstrual bleeding, acne, excessive facial hair, thinning hair, difficulty getting pregnant, and weight gain that is not caused by excessive eating.

  • Syndrome X. Also called insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia (high insulin levels), syndrome X goes hand-in-hand with weight gain. Syndrome X is a cluster of health conditions thought to be rooted in insulin resistance. When your body is resistant to the hormone insulin, other hormones that help control your metabolism don't work as well. The pancreas and adrenal are impacted by Syndrome X.

  • Chronic stress . When you live with anxiety, stress, or grief, your body can produce chemical substances -- like the hormone cortisol -- that make your body more likely to store fat, especially around the waist. That's the type of weight gain that really increases your risk of serious health problems.

What do these main issues above all have in common?

  • Most of these main issues reported are with the Endocrine system (Pancreas, Adrenal, Thyroid, etc) !

  • Many of the glands in the Endocrine system are not working properly !

  • Stress can factor into weight issues !

What is the underlining cause to these issues reported by medical sites?

  • An Acidic Lymph which from our prior blogs/videos is located through your entire body and it flows through your tissues and organs cleaning up cellular waste and toxins.

  • Once your Lymphatic system becomes compromised (Acidic) then your tissues and organs are being burned/attacked by Acids. This is why the Endocrine glands are not working correctly.

  • Stress creates acids inside the body.

How can we get our Lymphatic system back into balance so you can regain health and weight balance?

  • Use our Diet protocols which are the core to re-balancing your Lymphatic PH which allows your tissues and organs to repair once you reduce the acids. You must cool/neutralize and get rid of the acids inside your body.

  • We recommend that you utilize our herbals as well which will enhance and speed up the detoxification of acids out of your body.

  • Manage the stress in your life. Walk, Meditate, Breath, Relax the stress out of your life. Stress creates Acids inside your body.

The brief blog was intended to help you understand how chemistry has a profound impact on your health and weight. Our website is here to teach, educate and provide products that will clean/detox of your body and speed up the regeneration of your cells improving your health and weight issues.

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