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The Truth about Exercise Debunked !

Why is Diet more important than Exercise?


There is nothing wrong with exercise but lets understand what it does and does not do for your body. There were a couple famous runners that wrote numerous books on how to regain health via running/exercise and both died because they did not understand that you must have your body’s chemistry in balance first.

These famous runners had their Lymphatic systems compromised by acidosis and both ended in death as they did not address the root cause of an acidic lymphatic system which can not be solved using exercise. They thought they could continue eating a standard diet (maybe even in moderation) because they believed exercise would solve it. It did not work out so well for them and many others who have followed their books because this basic understanding of body chemistry was clearly not understood.

The acid side of chemistry destroys and once our lymphatic system is compromised which almost everyone in the world has some level of Lymphatic issues due to diet then we are fighting a battle inside our bodies. We cannot stress the importance of rebalancing the body's chemistry by detoxing using our Diet protocols and herbals that are designed to clean you inside.

People need to worry more about what's going on inside your body and less about trying to have a six pack on the outside. We suggest you focus on the inside bey Detox/Clean and Rebalancing the inside and the outside will take care of itself.

Let's understand what exercise does and doesn't do for your weight/health:

1) It raises the body's temp and burns calories. This is effectively like reducing calories in your body. Let's do a quick review working out or not:

A: Not Working Out:

1500 calories: Let's say the body idles to burn about 1500 calories but you take in 2000 1500/2000. You gain weight because you take in more calories then you are burning.

B: Working out:

2500 calories: Let's say you work out and raise body temp and your muscle function increases so you burn 2500 calories but you take in 2000 calories a day eating. 2500/2000. You lose weight by burning off calories basically.

2) It increases muscle strength which allows the body to burn more calories which is good to have a strong system but you are basically calorie reducing calories by burning in an increased burning manner.

3) It does not address re-balancing of the Acid Lymph and detoxification of these acids which will not be corrected as the kidneys are not being Cleaned/detoxed to process the acids out of the body. There may be compromised systems such as the endocrine (Thyroid) which controls metabolism and exercise will not be address the cleaning of the Lymphatic which would allow the endocrine and other systems to rebalance.

Our Diet Protocols:

1) Our diet protocols and herbals are designed to clean the body by detoxification of the acid build up inside your body. This allows compromised systems to rebalance and the major way you clean (eliminate) waste is by detoxification which takes a proper diet and herbals that are designed to clean. You will eliminate a little through sweating but not enough to rebalance the body.

2) We can rebalance weight/health issues simply using diet because we clean the lymph, get the kidneys to filter out the acidic wastes and this allows compromised systems to begin to repair the acidic damages that are causing issues inside your such as the endocrine system which regulates all the functions in the body. Exercise will not rebalance your body's functions on a cellular level because it does not clean up the acidosis.

3) We do not need to raise/burn calories like exercise because we are focused on cleaning which allows the body to regenerate healthy cells which in returns rebalances body functions.

How can we make such credible statements?

There are 150 million people in the USA that have weight issues and most diets, nutritionists and doctors are not addressing the root cause which is why weight in the USA alone is at epidemic levels. There is so much confusion with books, pills and expert opinions that are simply not helping to reduce the epidemic numbers that are exploding in the USA alone. The Lymphatic system must be rebalanced and most of what is out there does not address this issue.

Let’s understand chemistry 101:

There are only 2 sides to chemistry which apply to everything in this world. Acids and Alkaline (Base).

Acids burn and destroy our health and cause weight and many other health issues.

Alkaline (Base) repairs and neutralizes the acid side of chemistry. Our body is designed to be slightly alkaline which is the key to health and weight loss for life. We have very specific protocols and herbals to assist in detox/cleaning.

What do acids do in chemistry?

They burn and once inside our Lymphatic system which flows everywhere inside our bodies then tissues, organs, glands, etc. are being burned by an acidic lymphatic solution. The acids burn and cause our tissues, organs and glands not to function as designed !

Let’s explore and learn how we got to the place with weight/health by eating.

It is very important to understand what is causing the body to have issues. The lymphatic system has become acidic due to eating a standard diet. The standard diets promoted are highly acidic diets and in some cases they promote eating even more of an acidic diet such as Paleo which is a high acid diet and extremely not good for any of us.

Our bodies are not designed and are unable to get rid of not only the current acids built up in our Lymphatic system but the additional acids that are constantly being ingested via a standard diet of eating. This creates a viscous circle and the lymphatic system which is already acidosis continues to a higher concentration of acids. Its like adding fuel to a fire that is already burning hot.

The diets out there today do not focus on re-balancing and cleaning of the body they focus on trying to reduce calories, eat one thing versus not eating something else, complex carbs aminos and a number of other gimmicks that may work for a little while but once you quit the weight yo-yo’s back on because the underlying acidic Lymph has not been re-balanced.

How to permanently rebalance your body’s weight?

If you do not address this rebalancing which is what our life-style diet protocols address you will be forever in game of cat and mouse chasing and trying to lose weight and regain health. You must rebalance your body’s chemistry first and we are here to help you take charge of your weight and health.

The brief blog was intended to help you understand how chemistry has a profound impact on your health and weight. Our website is here to teach, educate and provide products that will clean/detox of your body and speed up the regeneration of your cells improving your health and weight issues.

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